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What Wireless Broadband Installation is Like

November 26, 2020

Country Connect - What Wireless Broadband Installation is Like

Lots of customers ask what the process is like to have any of our broadband packages actually installed. Will there be lots of disruption, noise, or even digging. Nope, we’re in and out, leaving only a lovely fast internet connection behind us. Let’s talk you through it: What Wireless Broadband Installation is Like.

Give us a Call

First of all, let’s have a chat. Either fill in our contact form or give us a call. Talk to us about your needs and where you are, and we can recommend the best way to get you a superfast internet connection.

We use satellite imagery and detailed ordnance survey maps to plot what kind of technology would deliver the best service to your location. All this happens in the background, and we don’t need to disturb you at all.

Once we have calculated what level of service we should be able to deliver to you, we’ll let you know, and we can talk about options.

Site Survey

If we are going to be installing Wireless Broadband, or 4G Broadband, we might want to visit you to make sure nothing has changed since the last satellite images we used. Maybe a tree has grown, or a new building has been built which might affect what we can deliver.

We will arrange a day and time with you for the visit, and you’ll need to be around to help us get access where we need it. Don’t want to look like cat-burglars do we!

Let’s Go!

By now, we have all the information we need, and we’re sure what kind of service we can deliver. You have given us the go ahead, and we have your equipment ready to be installed and connected. It’s getting exciting now!

On the day we agree, usually one of our technicians will visit you, but we might send two if it’s a little more tricky. For example, if we need to work up really high, or access could be tricky. Our installation technicians will have all the tools and equipment they need with them - you don’t need to do anything. Although, if there’s a brew going we wouldn’t say no.

Our technicians will fix a small dish to the side of your property, and properly align it with our equipment, or the nearest 4G mast, depending on the package we have recommended. They will neatly tack a cable from the dish down the outside of your property, and drill a small hole through the wall to bring the cable inside. We’ll seal the cable-hole properly too; no risk of the Welsh weather getting in.

Then we will plug all the equipment in, and test it thoroughly for you before we give you a demo of how it all works. Then we’re done, and off to connect the next happy customer.

By the time we leave your property, you will have a broadband connection up and running. No waiting for activation or boring telephone calls. It will all be done and dusted on the day.

All Done!

We hope you have a better idea of how it all works now, and what to expect after you get the ball rolling by contacting us today. We’re a friendly bunch, so if you have any other questions we didn’t cover here, just give us a shout.