Event & public Wi-Fi

Connect up to 10,000 users at public events and public and event Wi-Fi.

⚡️ Event & public Wi-Fi: Offer seamless connectivity at large-scale events, ensuring your guests stay connected.

⚡️ Massive user support: Capable of supporting up to 10,000 users simultaneously, ideal for concerts, conferences, and other public gatherings.

⚡️ Enhanced experience: Enhance your event’s experience by providing reliable and fast public and event Wi-Fi access to all attendees.

Public Wi-Fi for temporary events

⚡️ Data collection: Collect valuable data about customers and their visit to your venue.

⚡️Social media growth: Users can log into the network via their social media or email accounts. You can invite users to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your page before being given access.

⚡️Customer engagement: Integrate experiential marketing activities at your venue.

⚡️Understand your customer demographic: Learn about the customer’s age, area they live, marital status, and how they heard about you.

⚡️Footfall Data: Unlock valuable information about visiting patterns and which age groups tend to visit most.

⚡️Protection in the community: Identify accessing of illegal content in public spaces to pass on to the correct authorities. Control the content available on your network and block offensive or inappropriate sites.

Public Wi-Fi

Often found in many popular public  places such as coffee shops, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, and hotels. It allows visitors to stay connected on the move, enabling access to apps and the internet for activities such as social media, email accounts or browsing. 

These hotspots are  created in built-up areas with high footfall, automatically connect users after their first visit.

We provide platforms for you to engage with your customers and access valuable analytics. From personalising customer experiences, driving engagement and capturing footfall data, Country Connect can provide the tools you need. 

Public Wi-Fi

Visitors at your venue will be able to access the public WiFi network via their own social media accounts:

👉 Add custom links to splash pages, engaging customers and raising your brand profile.

👉 The internet access portal portal gathers captures customer data which enables you to better understand users and engage them in your marketing ecosystem. 

👉 Build detailed and accurate customer avatars, building understanding of audience for targeted marketing.  

24/7 support & user knowledge base

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Customise package

Enterprise standard business broadband, voice and full stack business IT management. Broadband, mobile, desktop terminal, laptop, VoIP, mobile, data management, security and business optimisation. From £29 per user / per month