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2750 Homes Passed

April 11, 2022

We are one of a growing number of internet service providers in the UK who are laying their own full-fibre broadband networks and we're super proud of this. We're even more proud to celebrate that 2750 homes & businesses in our local area now have access to Country Connect's ultrafast full fibre broadband network!

What is a Full Fibre Network?

If you want to get a bit techy, you can read more about how full fibre networks actually work here. But for most consumers it means a network of cables, using optical fibres to transmit data at the speed of light - and yes, it is as cool as it sounds because it means fast, reliable broadband with 10X speeds and huge data capacity to meet the modern day demands in a typical home (think remote working, watching Netflix, gaming.. the list goes on). Full Fibre uses fibre-to-the-premises technology (FTTP or Fibre to the Property to use the nerdy name) to connect the exchange directly to properties, ensuring a more reliable connection and ultrafast speeds. These new networks of optical fibres direct to the property are replacing the old legacy copper cables on the BT telephone network laid decades ago.

The #BigSwitchOff 2025

Did you know that the Government has targeted UK communications companies to switch all data (including telephone lines and even Sky TV) to gigabit-ready services by 2025?  Without this incredibly important upgrade to our national communications infrastructure we will all suffer increasingly high levels of connectivity outages and failures.  Existing connections on the old BT/Openreach networks, although they may be called ‘fibre’ are often only FTTC (or Fibre to the Cabinet) - this means that the part of the connection into your actual property is still copper, is slower and will be obsolete by 2025. It's important to ask the question, "Is this service FFTC or is it FTTP?"  when talking to any provider about their services as FTTC is NOT gigabit ready and they are not the same thing! 

Why a Full Fibre Network?

At Country Connect, our qualified network engineers are trained in laying, splicing and connecting fibre-optic cables direct to customer properties.  That means the physical cables and fibres go straight from your home or business, to the Internet.  The capacity for data is superior, faster and flexible.We can control everything about that connection, from speed to reliability. It is future proof.

2750 Homes Passed

The Country Connect engineering team have been super busy laying our full-fibre network for almost a year now. And we are so proud to be able to announce that this week a total of 2750 homes now have available connections! You can find our network engineers all over South Wales, safely and efficiently extending the reach of our full fibre ultrafast network.  In fact, our engineers have laid 30 kilometres (that's over 18 miles) of fibre in the past 10 months! Why not talk to us today to see if we're in your area or use our handy online postcode checker.