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We pay close attention to our new and existing customer feedback, and have put together some questions that we mostly commonly come across…

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WISPs use fixed wireless Broadband technology to deliver the same high speeds and service as traditional Broadband providers, but delivered wirelessly as opposed to through buried cables. Therefore WISPs deliver internet without the use of a traditional telephone line. Country Connect is a member of the UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (UKWISPA) and has been awarded UK WISPA.

Wifi is a local network sent out by a router in your home. The router transmits connectivity to any device within range of the router. There are 2 Wifi channels, there is the 2.4ghz which has great penetration through walls etc, it stretches further but maybe a little slower. It has a theoretical distance of 820ft. There is also 5ghz which is the new type that is much faster, but does not penetrate as easily as the 2.4ghz. The 5ghz network has about 460ft theoretical distance.

Broadband is your physical connection to the outside network which is distributed via copper wire or fibre cables. Nowadays, fibre is preferable as it gives a faster speed over a longer distance.

Please visit ‘My account’ tab on our website where it directs you to the log in portal where you can view all your account information. If you do not have the log in details, please contact us by phone on 01633 530519 or email to [email protected]

If you are having issues getting online, in the first instance please restart your router (switch it off for 10 to 20 seconds).

If you continue to experience connectivity issues then switch off the PoE (Power Over Ethernet) device, this is normally a small black box about the same size as a laptop charger. The connection will be via an Ethernet cable to the WAN port on your router and plugged into your mains power supply. Leave switched off for 10 to 20 seconds then switch back on.

If the above steps have not fixed the issue, please call us on 01633 5300519.

There may be a number of factors can prevent you from receiving the full connectivity. These include;

  • You may have a faulty router in your home.
  • You may have numerous devices connected in your property such as Ipads, phones laptop, desktop, CCTV etc. which could slow the connectivity at any one time.
  • The computer could be slow or old.
  • A computer that is infected with viruses causing them to slow your connection or browsing.
  • The distance from the nearest access point or various obstructions that could be getting in the way of the line of sight between the transmitter and your arial.
  • Badly installed internal/ external network or cabling.
  • Your computer maybe trying to run updates at the same time.
  • The web site that you are browsing may well have a maximum level which is can run at.

No problem at all, just call us on 01633 530519. You can also email us on [email protected] and we will look to respond to your question. Please include full details of your request and include your invoice or reference number along with your question, and we will look to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Our expertly trained team of engineers will attend site and will have it all installed within a matter of hours. It could take a little longer if we need to run long lengths of cable but each site can vary.

Yes you can, all you need to do is call us on 01633 530519 and one of our team will run through the options with you over the phone.

All of our services are paid for via direct debit and monthly payments are arranged for the agreed amount and debited accordingly.

Switching over to Country Connect is simple. All you need to do is order your new connection with Country Connect and give notice with your current provider (most ask for 30 days notice). We can arrange to port your current number over to your new Country Connect service but there is a one off cost for this. To retain your number, it's important that you don't cancel the line and let us arrange this for you.

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Fortunately there is full technical support included within your Country Connect VoIP package. This gives you access to technical support from our expertly trained staff.

Country Connect is one of the only providers of VoIP who have no hardware fees as we provide the phone itself free of charge . We include one of two different models of phones upon signing up with our VoIP service, either the Yealink T42s or W60P. This means no initial costs for your business and no nasty upfront fees when getting your home VoIP phone set up.

All you need to do is give us a call on 01633 530519 and one of our team will run through the details of query. If required we can look to tailor a bespoke commercial package that will meet all your business needs.

We try to provide the most commonly asked questions so appreciate that not all your questions may be answered in this list. Will are happy to discuss any query you may have over the phone or by email so please contact us on 01633 530519 or [email protected]

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