Here are Country Connect we understand that superfast broadband access is important to everyone.  Whether you work in a built up area or in the middle of a field, we will do our very best to provide you a superfast service through our wireless broadband solution…
We also believe that you should only ever pay for the speed that you pay receive, so with Country Connect there is no ‘up to’ speeds, only the actual speed we can provide you with.

Country Connect Ltd is part of a group that strives to provide you with the best IT and communications support for your home and business.  Our IT Services are managed by Full Stack Systems IT Support and our websites are hosted by Vapr.  For further information on how either of these companies can help you, please drop us a line today.

Full Fibre Broadband

The fastest fibre optic Full Fibre Broadband connection

Superfast Broadband

Tap into a whole new world of opportunity with a superfast broadband connection

Full Fibre Upgrade (FoD)

Superfast available but want more? Upgrade with Full Fibre on Demand

Broadband for Multi Dwelling Units

Connect all of your tenants at your site to reliable, superfast broadband

Leased Line Internet Connection

Broadband not fast enough for you? Then a Leased Line is what your business needs

What Our Packages Include


Superfast Speeds


No Contract


Local Support

Business Broadband from Country Connect...

No Mid-Contract Price Rises

Real Support

Unlimited Packages

Service Level Agreement

Static IP address

Take a leap towards better business broadband speeds.

Are you getting the correct broadband speed for your business needs?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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