A New Milestone: 3750 Homes & Businesses Now Connected

We’re back with some exciting news! As one of the UK’s independent internet service providers laying full-fibre broadband networks, we are thrilled to share that we have reached the milestone of 3750 homes and businesses in our local area!

The Journey of Full Fibre

If you want to know more about the mechanics of full fibre networks, you can delve a little deeper here. But in layman’s terms, it refers to a network of fibre optic cables which transmit data at the speed of light. The result is ultrafast, reliable broadband with 10X speeds and massive data capacity to handle modern day demands, such as remote working, streaming services like Netflix, online gaming and much more. Our network uses fibre-to-the-premises technology (FTTP ) to connect the exchange directly with properties for a stronger, faster connection. This is future of data transmission and the new fibre optic networks will eventually  replace all old legacy copper cables laid by BT’s telephone network decades ago.

Preparing for #BigSwitchOff 2025

The Government has tasked UK communications companies to transfer all data (including telephone lines and Sky TV) to gigabit-ready full fibre services by 2025. Without this crucial transition, we will face frequent connectivity outages and failures which would negatively impact the economy. It’s worth noting that some connections on other networks may be advertised as ‘fibre’ but are NOT full fibre –  often they are only FTTC (or Fibre to the Cabinet), meaning that the final connection into your property is still reliant on copper and not fully future proofed. These slower connections will become obsolete by 2025. When discussing services with any provider, it’s essential to ask, “Is this service FTTC or is it FTTP?”. FTTC is NOT gigabit ready and they are not equivalent!

The Value of a Full Fibre Network

At Country Connect, our highly skilled network engineers specialise in laying, splicing, and connecting fibre-optic cables directly to customer properties. This means your internet connection come straight into your property without any detours or delays. Our approach offers superior data capacity, faster speeds, and flexibility. We have complete control over the connection including the exact speed you get, making it truly future-proof.

Milestone: 3750 Homes & Businesses Connected

Over the last 12 months the Country Connect engineering team has been tirelessly laying our full-fibre network. Today, we proudly announce that a total of 3750 homes and businesses now have available connections! Our network engineers can be found throughout South Wales, safely and efficiently extending our full fibre ultrafast network. In fact, our engineers have laid an impressive 30+ kilometres (over 18 miles) of fibre in the past year!

Looking forward, we are on track to connect 4000 homes by the summer of 2023, so stay tuned for more updates.

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