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What is Wireless Broadband and How Does it Work?

August 31, 2020

Country Connect - What is Wireless Broadband and How Does it Work?

Broadband has become an essential part of our daily lives, but not all of us have access to the super-fast fibre network across the country - but we can still get broadband thanks to Wireless Internet Service Providers like Country Connect! What is Wireless Broadband and How Does it Work?


Everything is wireless these days, and let’s be honest, that’s pretty awesome. When was the last time you had to rummage around in the kitchen drawer to find the right wire to connect your laptop to the internet? But wireless can mean lots of different things in different circumstances. It’d be pretty rubbish if the baby monitor interfered with the TV aerial wouldn’t it.

When we talk about wireless in the context of Wireless Broadband, we’re talking about a really similar technology to the wireless router you might have at home or work. The difference comes in how that wireless signal is spread out.

Internet Bubbles

At home, you usually have one wireless router, and the signal comes out of the router in a great big bubble, hopefully, reaching every part of your house. You’ll get the fastest internet speeds closest to the centre of the bubble.

Where Country Connect uses this technology differently comes in the way the signal is spread out. We have small dishes around the countryside in key positions to relay the wireless signal from one area to the next - but we beam the signal in one direction at a time to increase the area we can service with superfast broadband.


Okay, so we have a beam of signal to your house - awesome. Now we can get to work providing a high quality Internet service over that wireless link. You can think of this like old fashioned telephone land lines - just because you have a telephone wire coming into your house, you still need to get a provider to connect you up.

Country Connect takes the job of delivering superfast broadband internet really seriously. We use the fastest Internet connection in Wales to make sure all our customers get a great service, and can stream, game, surf and chat without interruption.

Service Provider

It’s really important not to forget that we are in the business of providing a service to the local community. We’re based in the heart of South Wales, employing local people and trying to improve our area. You will see our cars and staff all over - so give us a wave!

Just pick up the phone any time you have a problem. You can talk to our technical team any time. We're all dedicated to delivering a top quality service. It's the standard that South Wales deserves!

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