What Does the Country Connect Equipment Do?

Country Connect - What Does the Country Connect Equipment Do?

So you’ve decided to join our awesome network here at Country Connect – congratulations! You’re about to experience the best rural broadband available anywhere! But we just need to plug some kit in for you first. We won’t be long, and promise we won’t make a mess.

What Does the Country Connect Equipment Do?? How does it work and where will it be installed?

Types of Wireless Broadband

Depending on where you are, there are a couple of different ways we could provide you with high speed internet. You can read more about the different types of wireless broadband at our blog post *here*.

Wireless Broadband

If you sign up to one of our wireless broadband packages, there will be a couple of pieces of equipment; a small dish for the outside of your property, and a router.

The dish is just like a sky dish, but much smaller. It’s job is to face our network equipment, collect the signal, and feed that inside your house. From there it plugs into your broadband router.

A cable will connect to the dish to the router, and is neatly and cleanly installed by our technicians.

From there on, it is the same as any other internet connection you will have used. There will be a WiFi password to enter into your wireless devices, and they connect to the router, which gets its internet connection from the dish. Easy peasy.

4G Broadband

A 4G broadband installation is a lot like the wireless broadband setup. The only difference is that the dish points towards the nearest 4G mast.

A cable will connect the dish outside of your property, neatly down the wall, inside, and to the broadband router. From the router, it is exactly the same as any other internet connection. There is no difference to how you use your internet connection.

Superfast Broadband

If you take our Superfast Broadband package, the service is sent over your existing telephone line, so no technician needs to call at your property to install anything.

We will send you a Country Connect broadband router, a microfilter, and cable to connect it up, and a plug for the power.

All you need to do is plug the filter into a telephone socket in your property, connect the cable provided from the filter to the broadband router, and then plug the router into a plug socket for power. And don’t worry, nothing can be plugged into the wrong socket, and you can’t damage anything.

There’s Nothing To It

We have been doing this for a long time, we’ve got this! We know how to make the process simple and easy for all of our customers, and we take all the hassle out of the technology for you. And even then, we’re at the end of a phone if you need us. Contact us.

Our speed promise

No more waiting for your browser to load. We do not estimate or quote speeds of ‘up to’ – the speed you choose is the speed you get and NEVER less!

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