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With Country Connect, you can easily make calls over your company’s broadband connection. There’s no need to pay the high call charges associated with an analogue phone system.

With our VoIP technology, we convert sound into digital signals and transfer them over the internet. This small but amazing technology offers several benefits.

Saves money

The first and foremost advantage of using our services is that you save a lot of money. VoIP is far cheaper than using traditional phones. This is especially true for long distance phone calls. If your company makes several international calls, a traditional phone system will get your costs soaring.


Just use the traditional phone devices with our VoIP converter. A VoIP converter is a small device that will plug into your computer and convert the analogue signals of a conventional phone into digital signals that can be sent over the internet.

Ease of Use

VoIP is as easy to use as the regular telephone system. You won’t need to provide separate training for your staff. Just use your devices like you used to.

With Country Connect, things become easier, cheaper, and more perfect. Switch your old telephone system and get a newer and better option. Call us to learn more.

Key benefits of a Leased Line


Symmetric Transmission

Lower Latency


Support 24/7/365


Private & Secure


Managed Installation


Unlimited Usage

Broadband you deserve, delivered!

Become more productive with Country Connect straight to
your business. Our range of products are tailored to help businesses, at affordable prices.


100% Target Service Availability


No Throttling or Traffic Management


Static IP Address


24/7 Business Support


SLAs with Money Back Guarantees


Quick Installation

Take a leap towards better business broadband speeds.

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