VoIP – Everything You Need to Know

Switching to VoIP

A VoIP (Voice over IP) connection lets anyone make and receive phone calls over the internet. With the rise of broadband, VoIP is fast becoming the definitive choice of phone service for consumers and businesses alike looking for a cost-effective alternative to a traditional landline and future-proofing communications for the 2025 #BigSwitchOff. 

The ‘IP’ in VoIP stands for ‘Internet Protocol’. Devices connected to the internet all have an IP address – a series of numbers that identifies any device on a network and allows them to communicate with each other on the internet. Therefore. it’s really a techie way of saying that you are making calls via the internet rather than the traditional copper lines of the past. 

If you have a broadband internet connection, you can add on a VoIP phone service and make calls without the need for renting a line from a local phone service and without the need for additional wiring. So, you can simply plug in your digital VoIP handset and you’re ready to go. It’s really that simple.

How does VoIP work? Here’s techie part!

As a consumer, you can use VoIP like any other method of communicating over the internet. Behind the scenes, using codecs, your voice is transformed into a digital signal (data packets) and transmitted over an IP (Internet Protocol) network. These  VoIP packets can be transmitted over any VoIP-compatible network, such as your home broadband service or a  local area network (LAN) (more commonly seen in a business context).

Our VoIP solutions for the home

We have two options when it comes to VoIP at home:


  1. A basic line £5 p/mth – keep your existing number and migrate to VoIP paying only for the calls that you make.
  2. An ‘all you can call’ option – £15 p/mth – keep your existing number and use up to 5000 minutes per month, including calls to 01,02,03 and even 07 UK mobiles. Also included is a physical Yealink handset and smartphone app.  

We can port existing numbers on both options, so you have none of the hassle of a new number AND we provide either Yealink or Cisco hardware options as shown in the images below. These digital phones use your ultrafast broadband internet connection to establish connectivity and make calls and therefore replace your old analogue one.

Yealink digital phone

3 reasons to switch to VoIP


1. Get Gigabit ready for the 2025 #BigSwitchOff




As announced in 2015, BT Openreach plans to switch off its PSTN and ISDN networks in favour of IP voice services by 2025. This transition will happen gradually over the next few years as the older systems are phased out. It is perhaps the biggest change that the telecoms industry has seen in the last 30 years and therefore VoIP is going to become essential.

2. Save money 

Switching to VoIP is a far cheaper solution compared to traditional line rental. So, with a VoIP landline, you move all of your communications online. Pay for your phone service in one predictable and convenient monthly fee. Setup is simple and you can say goodbye to higher call costs and costly line rental. 

3. Superior features and capabilities

Unlike traditional phone services, cloud-based phone services offer powerful features such as auto attendants, call recording, custom caller ID, voicemail to email, and so much more. Plus, you have the flexibility to take calls and work from anywhere.


Take action now before the 2025 #BigSwitchOff. 

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