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    Getting together is great, and who better to get together with than us here at Country Connect? Refer a friend and save!

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    So you’re already receiving the best quality broadband in the area from Country Connect, and you want to let everyone know how they can get in on it too. Well we keep things simple – so just tell your friend to give ur your name when they sign up online, speak to us on the phone, or see us at one of the local shows we attend.

    What’s in it for Me?

    Free stuff, that’s what! For every friend who signs up as a recommendation from you, we’ll give you a free month of service! Sign another friend up – guess what? Another free month. Go and refer a friend now!

    We don’t cap the number of referrals you can make. We think superfast broadband should be for everyone. So help us spread the word and get free broadband at the same time!

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  • What Do The Acronyms Mean?

    Technology is full of confusing language, acronyms, buzzwords and anything else to make your head spin. Here at Country Connect, we know it’s our job to look after all that stuff for you, and we just deliver an outstanding wireless internet service to you.

    But if you want to do your research and compare what we offer with everyone else, you might need to know a bit of the lingo, so let’s give you a crash course!


    Let’s start with an easy one – or so you might think. We all know what broadband is, right? Well maybe. Here in the UK, there is no agreed-upon standard for something you can call “broadband”. Broadband just means that it’s faster than dial-up internet. Remember that?

    So beware of broadband providers who won’t tell you the speed you’re going to receive. Also, take care not to fall for the trick of internet service providers quoting “up to” whatever speed. We don’t do that. The speed we tell you is the speed you get, forever!

    FTTC and FTTP

    Fibre To The Cabinet, and Fibre To The Premises. You know those green boxes you stucked away at the side of pavements every so often? The ones which you sometimes see engineers open up, and inside is a sprawl of wires like some kind of angry telephony-based kitten has been in there messing with it all. That’s the Cabinet when we talk about FTTC.

    In bigger towns and cities, this is what most residential broadband is. It means that there is one fibre-optic connection from the central exchange to each of the cabinets. Then the Internet connection gets from the cabinet to your house using the same old pair of copper wires we have been using for landline telephones for years. But because the signal only has to use the copper cables for a short distance, the speeds can be increased.

    If you require a faster internet connection than even that, you might want a fibre-optic connection all the way to your property – usually a business. This gives you the full speed available with fibre connections, and it means you aren’t sharing that with tens or hundreds of neighbours.

    This does involve running the physical fibre-optic cable to your building, so it is a lot more involved and therefore costly.


    Mbps stands for megabits per second, and it’s a measurement of the speed of a data connection – or bandwidth. You can think of it like miles per hour – how many miles can you cover in an hour. Well Megabits per second is just how many megabits you can move in one second.

    But what’s a megabit. Well without getting insanely geeky, you need about 7 megabits per second to stream netflix in HD. So if two people want to stream at the same time, you’ll need 14Mbps, and so on.

    Usage Limits, Caps and GBs

    Lots of internet service providers will cap, or limit, the amount of internet you are allowed to use in a month (we don’t). A typical cap might look like 20GB, but what’s a GB?

    GB stands for GigaByte, and it’s an amount of data. If bandwidth is like the speed you might drive in your car, measured in miles per hour, a usage cap might be the number of miles you’re allowed to drive in a month. So your car can go up to 100 miles per hour, but you’re only allowed to drive 1,000 miles per month. That means if you drive at full speed for ten hours, your usage is up, and the car stops.

    Now You’re Ready!

    Now you know all the lingo, nothing’s going to get past you! If you’re shopping around and you can’t decide between packages and providers, everyone is talking in jargon, and you would otherwise feel lost, now you won’t.

    And if there’s anything else you want to know about any kind of broadband and how we can help connect you, just get in touch with our super friendly team!

  • Types of Broadband

    Country Connect started life as a way to get rural communities connected to high speed broadband. You can read more about our beginnings here. But these days we offer lots of different ways to get you connected to the internet based on different factors. Let’s have a look at the different types of broadband we offer, and who they suit.

    Our friendly and knowledgeable team will recommend the right option for your circumstances. We don’t expect anyone to have any technical knowledge at all. But if you’re the curious type, or just want to know more about what we do and how we do it, stick around!

    Wireless Broadband

    Our most popular service is our wireless broadband, provided to you over our dedicated network. This is the one where one of our friendly engineers installs a small dish on your building, and aligns it with our equipment.

    It’s the best setup for properties which are reachable by our network already, and who have otherwise been able to receive high-speed broadband.

    4G Broadband

    If you aren’t close to our existing network, we might recommend a 4G broadband package. This is really similar to how your mobile phone receives it internet connection when you’re away from a WiFi network. This package allows us to reach people who are either super-remote, or just in an awkward place for traditional internet connections to get to.

    Our technician will install a small dish on your properly and align it with the nearest 4G mast. We then run a cable into your property, and we’re done!

    Superfast Broadband

    If you do live in an area serviced by traditional broadband, we have you covered too! This can be the cheapest option when you are close to major telecoms kit. For example if you live in a bigger town or city anywhere in the UK.

    We would recommend this where it is available to you, and this option can be cheaper than you might imagine.

    Fibre Connections

    You might need a fibre connection if you need super-duper fast Internet. This offers the fastest possible internet connection.

    You might want something like this at something like a hotel or holiday park where your guests use your WiFi and expect an excellent level of service no matter how many users are online.

    Now You Know

    Now you know what all the options are, and what kind of scenario they suit. So you can be better informed as to the package we might recommend for you. If you have any other questions or want to know more about any of these options, just get in touch.

  • What Wireless Broadband Installation is Like

    Lots of customers ask what the process is like to have any of our broadband packages actually installed. Will there be lots of disruption, noise, or even digging. Nope, we’re in and out, leaving only a lovely fast internet connection behind us. Let’s talk you through it: What Wireless Broadband Installation is Like.

    Give us a Call

    First of all, let’s have a chat. Either fill in our contact form or give us a call. Talk to us about your needs and where you are, and we can recommend the best way to get you a superfast internet connection.

    We use satellite imagery and detailed ordnance survey maps to plot what kind of technology would deliver the best service to your location. All this happens in the background, and we don’t need to disturb you at all.

    Once we have calculated what level of service we should be able to deliver to you, we’ll let you know, and we can talk about options.

    Site Survey

    If we are going to be installing Wireless Broadband, or 4G Broadband, we might want to visit you to make sure nothing has changed since the last satellite images we used. Maybe a tree has grown, or a new building has been built which might affect what we can deliver.

    We will arrange a day and time with you for the visit, and you’ll need to be around to help us get access where we need it. Don’t want to look like cat-burglars do we!

    Let’s Go!

    By now, we have all the information we need, and we’re sure what kind of service we can deliver. You have given us the go ahead, and we have your equipment ready to be installed and connected. It’s getting exciting now!

    On the day we agree, usually one of our technicians will visit you, but we might send two if it’s a little more tricky. For example, if we need to work up really high, or access could be tricky. Our installation technicians will have all the tools and equipment they need with them – you don’t need to do anything. Although, if there’s a brew going we wouldn’t say no.

    Our technicians will fix a small dish to the side of your property, and properly align it with our equipment, or the nearest 4G mast, depending on the package we have recommended. They will neatly tack a cable from the dish down the outside of your property, and drill a small hole through the wall to bring the cable inside. We’ll seal the cable-hole properly too; no risk of the Welsh weather getting in.

    Then we will plug all the equipment in, and test it thoroughly for you before we give you a demo of how it all works. Then we’re done, and off to connect the next happy customer.

    By the time we leave your property, you will have a broadband connection up and running. No waiting for activation or boring telephone calls. It will all be done and dusted on the day.

    All Done!

    We hope you have a better idea of how it all works now, and what to expect after you get the ball rolling by contacting us today. We’re a friendly bunch, so if you have any other questions we didn’t cover here, just give us a shout.

  • What Does the Country Connect Equipment Do?

    So you’ve decided to join our awesome network here at Country Connect – congratulations! You’re about to experience the best rural broadband available anywhere! But we just need to plug some kit in for you first. We won’t be long, and promise we won’t make a mess.

    What Does the Country Connect Equipment Do?? How does it work and where will it be installed?

    Types of Wireless Broadband

    Depending on where you are, there are a couple of different ways we could provide you with high speed internet. You can read more about the different types of wireless broadband at our blog post *here*.

    Wireless Broadband

    If you sign up to one of our wireless broadband packages, there will be a couple of pieces of equipment; a small dish for the outside of your property, and a router.

    The dish is just like a sky dish, but much smaller. It’s job is to face our network equipment, collect the signal, and feed that inside your house. From there it plugs into your broadband router.

    A cable will connect to the dish to the router, and is neatly and cleanly installed by our technicians.

    From there on, it is the same as any other internet connection you will have used. There will be a WiFi password to enter into your wireless devices, and they connect to the router, which gets its internet connection from the dish. Easy peasy.

    4G Broadband

    A 4G broadband installation is a lot like the wireless broadband setup. The only difference is that the dish points towards the nearest 4G mast.

    A cable will connect the dish outside of your property, neatly down the wall, inside, and to the broadband router. From the router, it is exactly the same as any other internet connection. There is no difference to how you use your internet connection.

    Superfast Broadband

    If you take our Superfast Broadband package, the service is sent over your existing telephone line, so no technician needs to call at your property to install anything.

    We will send you a Country Connect broadband router, a microfilter, and cable to connect it up, and a plug for the power.

    All you need to do is plug the filter into a telephone socket in your property, connect the cable provided from the filter to the broadband router, and then plug the router into a plug socket for power. And don’t worry, nothing can be plugged into the wrong socket, and you can’t damage anything.

    There’s Nothing To It

    We have been doing this for a long time, we’ve got this! We know how to make the process simple and easy for all of our customers, and we take all the hassle out of the technology for you. And even then, we’re at the end of a phone if you need us. Contact us.