No Price Increases With Country Connect

Country Connect - No Price Increases

Broadband providers are set to hike prices for their customers in 2022.  We are proud to announce that here at Country Connect, there will be no price increases in 2022.

Why Is Everyone Else Increasing Prices?

It’s fairly normal for most subscription services to increase their pricing every year, in line with inflation.  Big companies often have colossal amounts of debt, and so their repayments climb every year.  They pass those borrowing costs on to you, the customer.

You’ll find these clauses in your contract with all kinds of service providers, from broadband and telecoms, to services like Netflix.

Current Interest Rates

This past couple of years have been super hard for everyone.  The corona virus pandemic has had wide reaching consequences on all aspects of life.  One affect has been Interest Rates set to climb to 9% in 2022.  And that’s double the usual amount!  So that means big price increases for all kinds of services in 2022 – apart from Country Connect broadband!

Why No Price Increases at Country Connect?

Country Connect are a small team of experts based in South Wales.  We don’t have flashy London offices, or fancy advertising campaigns.  Our focus is on delivering super fast, reliable broadband to customers which other providers just can’t reach.

We focus on our customers.  That means we do whatever we can to look after you.  Just take a look at our reviews to see what we mean!

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Our speed promise

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