How does it work?

Our superfast broadband solution is somewhat different to most, as we don’t use the old copper wires of your phone line…

…we provide internet access through a range of wireless technologies to beam superfast internet access directly to your property, be this a city location or in the middle of a field at speeds of upto a whopping 60Mbps.

So how does it work?

Well, it’s quite simple really, our network is made up of high specification radio links to carry your data and in order to join out network, one of our skilled engineers would install a small antenna onto your property, normally tagged onto the television antenna and pointed at our nearest distribution point; from here we run a single cable into your property, which connects into your router…this is know as Fixed Wireless Broadband.

The antenna measures roughly the size of a side plate and points towards our distribution site, they are very resilient and require very little maintenance.

It’s sometimes easier to visualise things, so we’ve created this explanatory image below.