Social Tariff

Ultrafast broadband for everyone in the community

Who qualifies for the social tariff?

New or existing customers can apply. You simply need to be receiving a qualify benefit. Don’t forget you’ll need your National Insurance number when you apply, so we can check you’re eligible.

Social Tariff – £15 p/mth

– 25Mbps upload & download
– Free installation
– Free router
– Unlimited data usage

Qualifying benefits

– Employment and Support Allowance (eligibility rules apply)
– Jobseeker’s Allowance (eligibility rules apply)
– Income Support
– Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)
– Universal Credit (all claimants)

Unlimited broadband

With no data caps or download limits, you can do as much as you like online

12 month contract

No early exit fees, so you’re not tied in if your circumstances change. f you qualify, you’ll get Social Tariff for a year at which point we’ll run another eligibility check. If you still qualify, we’ll keep you on the same plan. If anything’s changed, we’ll let you know.

Symmetric speed

The same upload speed as your download, perfect for video calls, zoom meetings, streaming TV and more.

Terms & Conditions Apply – Click Here to View

How do I apply for the Social Tariff?

It’s quick and easy to apply, simply call our team on 01633 530519


What information do I need to provide?

We’ll ask for your last name, date of birth and National Insurance number.


How can I pay for my service?

– Direct Debit
– Online (debit or credit card)


Will I have to do a credit check to get the Social Tariff?

No, there is no requirement for a credit check to join us on the Social Tariff


Where can I get advice on filling in benefit forms, job hunting or managing money online?

You’ll find lots of free, useful information about money matterslooking for a job, protecting your family online and much more at Skills for Tomorrow.


What are the Terms & Conditions?

Social Tariff is our low-cost broadband service for people who are currently receiving particular state benefits. Social Tariff is available for anyone on one or more of these state benefits: Universal Credit (all claimants) Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit) Income Support Jobseeker’s Allowance You need to be receiving income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance to qualify for Social Tariff. People on contribution-based only JSA are not eligible. If you receive both income and contribution-based JSA, your income-based JSA must be higher. Employment and Support Allowance You need to be receiving income-related Employment and Support Allowance to qualify for Social Tariff. People on contribution-based only ESA are not eligible. If you receive both income and contribution-based ESA, your income-based JSA must be higher. The person in receipt of one of the above state benefits must be the Country Connect Account Holder. Our Social Tariff has a 12 month duration. However, a customer can choose to leave or swap their plan at any time, there are no cancellation or early termination charges. When you reach month 11 of your Social Tariff contract, we will contact you by email to let you know that you’re nearing the end of the price guarantee under the Social Tariff and inform you we will run another eligibility check for the next 12 month contract. We’ll run an eligibility check every 12 months. If you are still eligible for the Social Tariff and want to renew your contract we will renew for another 12 months. Any pricing changes will be advised at this point. If you are no longer eligible for the Social Tariff then we’ll send you an email to notify and inform you that you’ll be automatically moved onto our closest comparative package unless you contact us to tell us you’d like your service to end. These terms and conditions apply in addition to the Country Connect Broadband General Terms and Conditions for your service available on the website.