Your property is ready to transition to our Gigabit capable, ultrafast full fibre service (in partnership with Fibre Ltd at Prince Philip Park, Bordon).

🚀 Welcome offer – 1 month free (Pay nothing until June 24)

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🚀 No connection interruption

🚀 Improvements to network resilience and quality of service

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🚀 Included as standard

Speed guarantee: the speed you buy is the speed you get.
Gigabit capable full fibre to the premises (FTTP)
Free Wi-Fi 6 Router (whole home mesh ready)
Free install & configuration support
Price lock promise: we will never increase the price of your service mid-contract
Customer service: the highest rated broadband provider on Trustpilot
Trust Pilot
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We have been with Country Connect since the end of March 2023 and find their broadband service very reliable. Not once in this period has the system failed. It is truly ultra-fast and the broadband speed has never fallen below the speed I purchased. Lovely people that make a fantastic company.
Trust Pilot
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Recently we moved house. We were with BT for 48 years. A straight forward transfer of service became a 5 week disaster with BT so we made the decision to change suppliers. County Connect achieved in 48 hours what BT failed in 5 weeks.
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We had a fast response when I broke the socket cable moving furniture at the weekend, the team dropped a new one in the next working day. Problem fixed. With a previous provider I wasted over 5hrs on the phone...So don’t hesitate to move your broadband service to country connect you won’t regret it
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I changed from Talktalk after getting very low and poor connection and speed all the time. I had complained that I was paying for 64Mb and only getting 20Mb. Engineers came out and ran a new fibre cable straight into the house. Within hours I am connected to a first class service running at 100Mb+ with no drop out.
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The service that's unbeatable. Only had one issue in the year, messaged them to advise them of the problem, engineer was at the front door within the hour on a SUNDAY. Issue resolved within 20 minutes. Beat that if you can!
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I have to say that your response time and communication when issues arise is like nothing I have ever experienced before!! It’s fantastic and reiterates to me why I switched to your company in the first place..keep up the great levels of customer service.
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Switching to Country Connect was the best decision ever! Remembering last Christmas when both Sky and BT left us for a whole month with no internet. Country Connect to the rescue & top class service ever since.
- Heather Morgan
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County Connect have supplied our internet since October 2019 and they are brilliant. We both work from home in jobs that require a stable, high quality connection that doesn't let us or our clients down. TheY are always helpful and prompt when ever we need to get in touch. I genuinely can't recommend them enough.
- Amber Reglar
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Country Connect go above and beyond..would 100% recommend!

Knowing you can talk to a real human based within a few miles of you, within a few minutes, and will resolve almost any issue immediately. Worth its weight in gold. Support local business!
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The best experience I have EVER had with an internet provider. Seamless from start finish, Couldn't do enough for me and excellent internet signal. Would never use another provider. A really helpful and friendly team.
- Bethan Williams

Straight forward transition

To keep life simple you can continue on the same tariff as you have today.

As Prince Philip Park customer you will pay just £36 per month for our 1G Full Fibre tariff (usually £49).

Plus, to say thanks we are also giving a totally free month of service. Nothing to pay until June 2024.

Or, if you prefer checkout our standard plans to customise your tariff.

Pro Fibre
1 G

Unbeatable connectivity for high demand homes
£ £36 Special Prince Philip Park Offer
  • Full fibre to your property
  • 900 Mbps download
  • Speed guarantee
  • WiFi 6 router
  • Upgrade connectivity with Add-On's

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🚀 Speed promise

No more waiting for your browser to load. We do not estimate or quote speeds of 'up to' - the speed you choose is the speed you get and NEVER less!

FAQ for Network Transition to Country Connect

1. When is Country Connect taking over our broadband service? Country Connect is excited to take over your broadband connection between the 15th of April and the 15th of May 2024. We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition and enhancing your internet service.

2. Will there be any service interruptions during the transition? We plan no service interruptions. However, brief maintenance windows are scheduled for early mornings between 2 and 4 a.m. These are to upgrade network performance and will not significantly impact your connectivity.

3. How will the network improvements affect my service? The upgrades are focused on increasing network stability and bandwidth. We’re also adding extra resilience to reduce outages by establishing additional connections to our main data center.

4. Do I need to change my equipment? No equipment changes are necessary. If you encounter any issues with your current setup, please reach out to us post-transition for support.

5. What about billing and charges during the transition? As a welcome gesture, your service will be free from the start of the transition until the 1st of June. Billing will commence on the 1st of June for all customers who set up their new direct debit with us.

6. Will my IP address change? Yes, there will be a change in your IP address. We recommend regularly restarting your router and any mesh nodes during the transition period to ensure you receive all necessary updates.

7. How can I contact Country Connect for support? Our support team is here to help with any questions or issues you may have. Please visit our website for contact details and more information on how to reach us.

8. Why should I be excited about this change? Country Connect is proud of our strong community support and excellent service quality, as reflected in our 93% positive Trustpilot score. We’re dedicated to providing you with a reliable and high-quality broadband service.

9. What should I do if I experience connectivity issues during the transition? If you experience any connectivity issues, restarting your router often resolves the problem. If issues persist, please contact our support team for assistance.

10. How will this transition benefit me in the long term? This transition is aimed at providing you with a more stable and faster internet connection. With our focus on local community support and network resilience, you can expect a consistently high-quality service.

11. Will there be any changes to my current plan or pricing? There are no plans to your current plan or pricing. Any future changes will be communicated well in advance.  You can signup on the same plan as you have today (with our discounted 1G monthly plan) or if you prefer you can customise you tariff during signup.