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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make cost effective calls over the internet, giving you the freedom of a fully mobile landline, wherever there is an internet connection.

VoIP allows you to reroute calls to anyone else on your network, your clients can call your land line and reach you whether you are home working, out on a project or in a different part of the world.

With VoIP your office is always open, ready to receive and make calls, taking working remotely to a whole new level!

Why VoIP?

All traditional phone lines will be taken out of service as of December 2025 as per the Ofcom announcement.

Check out the latest info from Ofcom on the link below.

Click: Ofcom

Value for money

We offer an affordable service which out performs traditional PSTN phone lines


Your data is kept safe and secure in the cloud

Easy to use

Simple yet sophisticated handsets and terminals


Keep your local presence by retaining your regional area code

What do you get?

High definition telephone calls via your internet connection

Our 24 month deal

01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers included Any premium numbers outside of these are chargeable, and added on to the next bill
per user
These are pooled so if a customer has 4 seats, you get 20,000 minutes between the 4 seats
Unlimited inbound calls
Hardware free of charge* Which is simply plugged into your internet router via Ethernet cable. This is pre-configured so just plug and play.
No RPI increase throughout the duration of your contract. The price you sign up to for is the price you pay for the whole of the term.
*YeaLink T42s or W60P handsets
Discuss your business needs
with one of our technical experts

Our VoIP features

Business efficiency – deal with customer queries quicker and close business deals effectively

Business continuity – equip your staff to work from home with immediate effect

Call recording - record calls and never miss important information again

Retain your number – keep your existing business number

Call transfer – transfer calls internally and externally to ensure the correct person deals with the call

Portal – control, manage and monitor your telephony with ease anywhere in the world by logging into the user portal

Reporting – access and analyse your call data by using the reporting features

Create a regional presence – keep the same number and area code wherever you are in the world

Flexibility – Plug your VoIP phone in anywhere at any location

Value for money – the cost of a VoIP line is more cost effective than a wired line. E.g receive free hardware with Country Connect at an affordable monthly cost

Reduced OPEX – reduce your operational expenditure by switching to our VoIP with free hardware and cheaper monthly rates

Full technical support included

We provide full technical support throughout the term of your VoIP contract. Simply give us a call to speak to one of our technical advisors.
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