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Remote Desktop Country Connect can provide you with the latest cloud hosted desktop solutions.

Our Desktop as a Service technology allows you to use our comprehensive system. This enables your staff to access their work desktop, files, and applications from anywhere in the world.

Save time and money

By removing the need for purchasing new services, computers and licenses for your software you can achieve huge cost savings for your business.

Country Connects cloud technology ensures your data is secure and anyone using your systems only has access to the information they need.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) helps you take huge steps towards modernizing your IT infrastructure, improving all productivity amongst staff and reducing overheads therefore making your business more flexible.

Our remote desktop will enable your staff to access internal systems from anywhere in the world on any device. Not only does it make home working easier, but it also helps teams distributed across multiple geographical locations collaborate more efficiently.

Through this innovative technology Country Connect centralizes your IT infrastructure, controls your data and reduces your IT costs. The users will retain full control over the cloud desktop service and can specify exactly which services you want or need, then scale them to suit the changing requirements of your business.

Customers using Country Connect as their cloud desktop provider benefit from the very latest cloud technology, which includes robust security features and data protection whilst maintaining high performance.

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of a dynamic workforce, to ensure we can continue our work at home if required.

By having a facility such as our remote desktop, staff are able to access their work computers from home, limiting the numbers in the office.

Simply log onto your computer and all of its functions from anywhere in the world at any time of day.

Business continuity

We offer IT support services that help you monitor and control your IT systems, manage complex technical problems as they arise, and keep your business running around the clock.

Managed IT support

We work with a wide range of UK based companies to provide our managed IT support services. These include;

  • IT Outsourcing
  • Third line technical support
  • Remote help over the phone and email
  • On-site visits for auditing of IT systems

Furthermore, some of our other services include;

  • Network modeling
  • General IT support
  • System management
  • Service reporting

Call us today to discuss these services and how you can implement them into your business.

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