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What is Public Wifi?

Public Wi-Fi is often found in many popular public places such as coffee shops, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, and hotels. It allows visitors to access the Internet, often via their social media platforms and email accounts, allowing them to stay connected.

These hotspots are found in built-up areas where thousands of people automatically connect after their first visit.

We develop specific platforms to engage customers by employing a multitude of analytic to capture your audience. From personalising customer engagement to capturing footfall, Country Connect can provide an array of tools that will help your business learn about its visitors.

Our Public Wifi benefits

  • Data collection. Collect valuable data about customers and their reasons for visiting the venue.
  • Build your social media profile. Users may log into the network via their social media page or email account. They may be asked to ‘Like’ your page before being logged onto the network.
  • Customer engagement.
  • Understand your customer demographic. Learn about the customer's age, area they live, marital status, and how they heard about you.
  • Footfall Data. Learn about visiting patterns and which age groups tend to visit most.
  • Protection against illegal content. For example, if a customer at a coffee shop was viewing illegal content you would be able to pass their data on to authorities. You can control the content available on your network and block different sites such as those of a sexual nature, violence, etc.
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Social Wifi

Visitors at your venue will be able to access the public wifi network via their own social media pages

  • Add custom links to splash pages, engaging customers and raising your profile
  • The captive portal gathers customer data which enables you to better understand your customers
  • Build a detailed and accurate customer understanding revealing invaluable data for target marketing

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