Boost your broadband with the Access Broadband Cymru scheme

If you live or work in Wales you may be eligible for a grant from the Welsh Assembly to get a superfast broadband with their Access Broadband Cymru scheme.  This scheme aims to at least double your current download speed so no matter how rural an area you live or work, you can get superfast broadband.

The fund will help towards the installation costs of new broadband connections for homes and businesses in Wales.  It doesn’t cover monthly rental charges.

The faster the speed of the new connection, the more funding you may be eligible to receive:

  • £400 for 10Mbps and above
  • £800 for 30Mbps and above

How do I claim?

Check whether you’re eligible by using the eligibility criteria document, then contact us for a quote which you’ll need as part of your application process.  You’ll find the application form below.  Once you’re accepted for the Access Broadband Cymru scheme, just get in touch and we’ll arrange your installation.

More information can be found on the government’s website: https://gov.wales/go-superfast/boost-your-broadband

Eligability Criteria

Application Form

Take a leap towards better broadband speeds

If your not sure if your getting the correct broadband speed for you business needs . Take out ultrafast online assessment to discover what your business needs