About Us – Country Connect

We were created by a team of Telecom an IT experts, who were originally approached by a rural business & residential community urgently seeking a solution to achieve a reliable connection to high-speed Internet services, as existing networks could only supply services with limited latency and often zero connectivity.

We identified a demand in the marketplace for Superfast Broadband Services, within some of the most rural and remote parts of the country.

The more we explored, the more we discovered what impact the lack of services was having on livelihoods, development and further productivity in a progressively digital world.

Our mission evolved and we soon became both service provider and supplier of alternative technology solutions.

Country Connect

What we offer

  • Connecting thousands of rural homes and businesses to high speed Broadband: We are continually expanding our infrastructure and increasing connectivity options for areas that suffer from poor latency.
  • High quality trusted technicians: You will receive dedicated customer service from our expertly trained advisors, all qualified in their own bespoke fields. Our team of field engineers continuously strive to achieve the highest installation standards.
  • Secure and fast connections: Unlike most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) we do not quote 'up to' speeds for Broadband. We guarantee you will receive the speed you pay for.

Country Connect believe that everyone should have access to a high speed internet connection whether you live in a busy city or in a rural environment.

Our mission is to seek out alternative and reliable methods to deliver fit for purpose telecommunication & Broadband products, to communities and businesses who cannot rely on mainstream services for connectivity.

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